The foundation has adopted the basic principles set out by benefactors Agha Krikor and Agha Garabed Melkonians.  At MGO we aim to save and Safeguard Armenian Treasures and communities in Diaspora by creating economic, cultural, social and educational opportunities that will establish self-sustainability and empower individuals to reach their full potential. We seek out immediate solutions and innovative responses to the challenges existing in the current Diaspora and the Armenian Nation as a whole.

At MGO we plan to develop the triple R approach

Recognition: First we have to recognize that our overseas treasures such as schools, churches, libraries and artifacts are not merely goods that are to be consumed by consumers, but that they are communal assets, and that every single member of the community should take a proactive role in safe- guarding these assets.

Second, Revitalization: national treasures are significant historic places. With the support of local preservationists and preservation professionals, we can identify endangered assets and take actions to save them. “We need to make sure icons of the past remain in the future and find a new platform in its contemporary sense”.

Third, Restoration: by forming partnership with local government entities aiming to restore our national assets to its former glory as iconic national treasures.  The success of the project will depend not only on the ability to restore and protect our national treasures but also on meeting the challenges of local economic conditions, supplemental ——- and eventual self-sustainability. It is through this restoration that we hope to impact the communities…. We will create economic, cultural, social and educational opportunities that will not only establish self-sustainability but also empower individuals to reach their full potential.

By doing so we would create and establish strong and vibrant Diasporas around immediate regions of our motherland.

We at MGO, look at our Diaspora as an asset and vital lifeline to motherland and not as a cost to cut.

We at MGO, look at out Diaspora as Armenia’s soft ambassadors and not a dying and depleting voice of desperation to silence and liquidate.

We see our Diaspora as significant economic and social voice in context of partnership and solidarity.

With the help and support of the community and sponsorship, we hope to lift up, empower and fill the youth with love for Armenian language, culture and art, while raising funds for educational programs including the Narekatsi chair and Padus Araxes Cultural Association and Funds for MGO’s scholarship.